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Synthetic Turf - Nylon

Our nylon surface is the best there is in synthetic turf (quality assurance you can trust). The surface is a 22 oz., non-directional, non-crushing surface that is sand dressed. We have gone one step further by sewing all seams and having the white playing lines sewn in as well. A system with consistent play and appearance year after year, with the longest life span that truly is the best.

Synthetic Turf - Polypropylene

This traditional 35 oz. sand filled surface has been a choice of many players since the early 1980s as a great sliding surface that most resembles clay. The seams are glued together and has inserted white playing lines. With just a little more maintenance and a life span about half that of a nylon system the polypropylene is still well liked.

Hot Mix Asphalt

If you play at a public court or pay as you play then more than likely it's a hot mix surface you are playing on. One of the most common hard court surfaces around, most are coloured with an acrylic paint coating usually red and green. The paint coating or Plexipave® is available in a wide range of colours. These courts can be used for other sports (with some additional applications of Plexiflor®) even inline hockey.

Court Tiles

A non-traditional multi sport surface with all the traditional characteristics and more included. Polypropylene tiles that snap together and the only surface available with true lateral forgiveness. Most lines are also snapped in. With more than 20 colours you can be your own artistic impressionist.

A.P.T. Polyurethane

The ultimate multi sports surface available. A polyurethane surface that is cushioned, resilient, texturized and long wearing, which is good for all those neighbourhood hockey games. This surface has the same technology as the best gym floor or the best running track surface.


This is the natural kind that you might call Fast Dry®, Hadeka or Har-Tru and if you are old enough even Shale. This material has been used literally for centuries as a high end playing surface. Very soft with great slide characteristics, this surface is the cream of the crop. The only down side for private use is the required maintenance and water schedule, so if you have some time before you play you might consider clay.

Bross® Slide

Bross® Slide has been deployed for tennis surfaces for the past decade with tremendous success in both colour stability and wear ability. We have also used their surfaces for commercial applications in retail and office situations.

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