Synthetic Turf - Polypropylene

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Singularly the most popular synthetic turf product still used today throughout the world. In the Canadian climate the life span of this system is approximately 18 years.

This product is needle punched and has a wide variety of fibre heights and face weights (ounces per square yard). Normally installed on a gravel base for new construction this surface can also be laid overtop older existing surfaces with success. Polypropylene turf is used primarily for tennis but also for basketball, soccer and ball-hockey.

The playing lines are inserted and all seams are glued together to provide a seemingly seamless surface. This soon becomes one of the major problems with this surface all due to the glue eventually failing. These surfaces because of weak polypropylene fibres must be silica sand filled for fibre support. This then will become the second major problem with this surface. The sand provides slide ability but in doing so will grind away at the turf fibres. Sand levels must continually be adjusted to slow the wear down and to remove moss that seems to eventually grow at times out of control on the sand itself.

With over hundreds of Barber installations since the early 1980's we have seen the progression from polypropylene to the new nylon surface.

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