Bross® Slide

This is an Engineered Synthetic Clay surface, simply the best surface any (clay) player can play on.

This is a surface that can truly be used inside or out without change in play characteristics. Consistent ball bounce the way theplayer plays it, the ability to slide into the ball thereby greatly reducing body stress and fatigue, beautiful colour choices are a few benefits of this revolutionary surface.

Installation of this surface must start with a proper base of about 8" of stone, and then continued by either 3" thick asphalt or a 4" thick concrete pad. The Bross® Slide is then glued to this surface with industrial grade adhesives with playing lines cut in and glued also. There are a few different types of Bross® Slide depending on preferred characteristics and / or for indoor or outdoor installation. Most types will use the application of specific rubber mixtures to enhance the slide capabilities and require weekly maintenance. While others don't need the rubber for slide thus requiring very little maintenance.

Which ever type of Bross® Slide you choose for your tennis court, we know that you will never go back to those other surfaces.

Don't forget, "We Are Sports, from the Ground Up", which means we provide everything you need from the tennis net to the ball picker so you don't have to bend over.

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