Barber Sport Surfaces has done quite a lot of work for many different customers all with unique needs and specific requirements. Here is just a sampling of what our customers had to say.

Appleby College

I just wanted to take this opportunity to say a profound "thank you" for the great work Barber Sport Surfaces did on our new Astrograss field hockey field.

You have been a tremendous help to me during the installation of all aspects of the field. You co-ordinated all the trades to ensure that the final product could be one we were proud of. Appleby College did not make it easy for you either. Not only were we tardy in getting approvals and permits but there were numerous other challenges thrown in to make the job so very interesting. However, you and your crew under Wally's excellent direction were able to give Appleby College a field that is the envy of all our visiting teams...

- Vicki Brown

City of Brampton

... On a personal note I have to thank you also as it was a pleasure dealing with you and your staff and I am sure that this building will thrive for many years, mostly due to the indoor flooring.

- Bill McMilan

City of Sudbury

... Our particular soccer centre is unique due to the fact it is the result of a joint parternship between the City and the Sudbury Regional Soccer Association. The staff from Barber Sport [Surfaces] were cognizant of this unique arrangement and were very sensitive to the interests of both parties.

Finally, I would like to close by saying we couldn't be more pleased with the end result. The soccer facility is well used and it is receiving a full and enthusiastic "thumps up" from the Sudbury Regional Soccer Assocation, and more importantly, the users of the facility.

- Robert Johnston

Construction Management Services Ltd

As the representative for Dalhousie University in bringing the referenced Project to a successful completion this will confirm the important leadership roll your firm played and that I would not hesitate to recommend your firm for future work. I would also like to add that if some of your clients wish to inspect the Project I could arrange for their visit.

- Les David

Falcon Environmental Services

As I explained to you this quality of turf provides excellent footing surface for our Falcons. It will help to keep them clean and healthy. The fact that this type of turf is difficult to obtain in relatively small quantities makes your donation all the more appreciated.

- Mark Adam

Field Hockey Manitoba

... We are very pleased with our new Astroturf field. Athletes, coaches and officials at the Pan American Games also commented on how good it was to play on.

- Margaret Treble

Grenoble Public School

Thank you very much for the opportunity to 'field' test the synthetic playing field surface that you installed at Grenoble P.S. Our observations are that it appears to be very resiliant and remains pliable even in the cold weather. The cushion affect this creates is very impressive and reassuring, especially in a small schoolyard such as ours where we have so many active children who create a lot of wear and tear on the natural grass surface.

- Jan Vink

Lanigan Co-operative Day Care

We would like to Thank You for all the work you put into helping us get our turf. You will never know how we appreciate it. The parents, children and staff love it. It provides our children with a clean and safe place to play. [...] Your generous donation will always be remembered. Thank you for all your hard work and time in helping us receive our new "rug" as the kids call it! Once Again Thank-You from the Children, Parents and Staff of the Lanigan Cooperative Day-Care

- Sheila Renz

Mayor of Sudbury

On behalf of City Council and myself I am writing this letter to thank you for a job well done at the indoor soccer facility.

The indoor soccer turf supplied and installed by your company has received nothing but positive reviews from both soccer participants and the community at large [...]

We have also been showcasing our facility to other Northern Ontario venues and have had the opportunity to speak highly about the workmanship and quality of your product.

It has been a pleasure working with your company and once again thanks for a job well done

- Mike Petryna

Ontario Soccer Association

... The players comments on the surface and the under-pad have been needless to say excellent and we thank you for your technical advise during that long selection process.

- Brian Avey

Soccer Nova Scotia

Feedback received from our users indicate that the AstroGrass was an excellent choice for the indoor soccer field. In general, everyone seems very pleased with the product.

I would also like to say that Barber did a fine job of installing the turf, and Soccer Nova Scotia has been very happy so far with the service received

- George Athansiou

Toronto Shooting Stars

We appreciated your accessibility and responsiveness and if there was one thing the Shooting Stars could be proud of this year - it was definitely the field.

Despite a few "turf burns", every team that came into Maple Leaf Gardens remarked positively about our playing surface - some claiming that it was the best in the National Professional Soccer League.

An organization considering Barber Sport Surfaces and the Astrograss product will not be disappointed.

- R.J. Sageman

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