Hot Mix Asphalt

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As stated previously this type of surface is the most widely used in all of North America, this was because of cost but, with rising crude oil costs we have noticed a gradual decline over the years in the use of hot mix asphalt.

You may not recognize these courts for what they are because most people paint them Red, Green, Gray and even a people pleasing Purple. No matter what colour you paint your court it should be built the same, starting with a stone base of about 8" thick (depending on site conditions). The hot mix is then installed in two layers, first being 1 1/2" thickness of an HL8 asphalt and the second being 1 1/2" thick of HL3A asphalt. We know it might sound thick and many others will tell you differently but frost is frost and the thicker the better for frost protection. New hot mix asphalt needs to cure a minimum of 30 days prior to paint application, so temporary lines are laid for almost immediate play.

Hot mix asphalt surfaces require very little year to year maintenance other than keeping leaves, branches and your family goat off the surface. The applied coloured surface will normally require a re-painting every 5-7 years depending on usage and climate. Hot mix asphalt tends to crack with age but this is quite normal and is a condition which continues the full life of the surface. Cracking through for a painted surface is disastrous and quite ugly and without any known cure the time comes when replacement is the only cost effective repair.

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