Synthetic Turf - Nylon

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Research and Development of Synthetic Turf has advanced over the past 20 years, from the old sand filled of the late 60s to the state of the art, 3rd generation nylon system of the new millennium.

The nylon turf system has unparalleled characteristics such as the secondary backing that holds the fibres in place and won't let go. The colour fastness of moisture absorbing nylon, the heat set cure (simulated crushing) so you play on the side of the fibre not the ends. This system is only sand dressed for a safer and more enjoyable play.

A synthetic turf surface only requires a 5" stone base (depending on site conditions). Our courts are made with the playing lines manufactured right into the turf and with all the seams sewn you don't have to worry about seam seperation. Sand dressing the surface for ball bounce and ballast is safer, softer and cleaner looking than the old sand filled type. With only having half the weight this is an ideal product for roof slabs and garage decks.

A few of the better benefits of this surface is the portability, meaning that if your base heaves or settles, this surface is easily rolled up for base repair. Nylon Synthetic turf offers softer footing, because of the curled fibre so you can play longer and have surer footing.

"We Are Sports, from the Ground Up", which means we provide everything you need from the fence to keep that dog out to the wind screens so your neighbours can't see in.

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