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Har-Tru, commonly known as Clay is in fact not a clay product at all. Har-Tru is 92% finely crushed green Precambrium Metabasalt and 8% Gypsum which is added for better binding qualities.

Har-Tru tennis courts are built on a suitable stone base usually 5" thick and surrounded with a brick edge to retain the surface materials. The Har-Tru is then installed in a 1 1/4" lift followed by repeated watering and rolling. Not many individuals will take on the challenge to install their own court but, it is possible with some construction background.

Har-Tru tennis courts are one of the neediest surfaces and require a good maintenance program. The surface requires weekly, if not daily attention with watering, rolling and sweeping depending on play. New material must be installed on a regular basis throughout the year as well as a fall and spring tune up usually consisting of a ton or more of new material per court. Playing lines are installed as tapes, 2" white plastic strips nailed into the surface with aluminium nails.

If you can do a little work before you play each time, you'll love the unmatched feel and slide characteristics of a Barber built Har-Tru tennis court.

And remember, "We Are Sports, from the Ground Up", which means we provide everything you need from the hole in the ground to the racquet in your hand.

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